Hi, we’re Michael and Cici.

If you cherish diversity, laughter and love, you’re in the right place.

We created this site for married people like us, who celebrate their uniqueness.

What’s unusual about us, you ask?


She’s black and I’m white 

She’s gay and I’m straight

She’s nearly ten years older 

She hails from NYC and I grew up in the Southern U.S.

No, this is not a joke.

Some of you are saying, “That’s not unusual. That’s just flat out weird. I’m out.”

Thanks for stopping in…bye

But others are proclaiming, “So cool! When can I meet these two?”

Glad you asked

Cici is my faithful wife, best friend, soul mate, workout partner, and hangout buddy of almost seven years.

We enjoy storytelling and empowering conversation, drawing from our delightfully crazy life together, to inspire and entertain people like you, who don’t fit the norm.

Our poignant talks aim to inspire you to value and lay claim to your special place in this world.

You’ll hear tales from two persons who are completely incompatible, but absolutely inseparable- that would be us.

She and I are on a mission to encourage our audience to be authentic, totally committed, and OK with those wonderful peculiarities that make your love singularly yours.

After all, you’ll be hanging our with a couple who wouldn’t have it any other way.